Love Food? You'll Love Us!
Love Food? You'll Love Us!

Our philosophy: Traditional quality

Founded in June 2009 Home and Colonial Fine Foods has become a mecca for home made quality products.  It sells quality Welsh cheeses, locally hand baked bread, its own cooked meats; tarts pies and quiche, together with specially selected Welsh & British independent products, alongside European fine foods and exotic temptations from around the world.


Started by Husband & Wife team Stuart & Abbe Vaughan following a long-term ambition to return to local retailing. Stuart is an impressive fifth generation traditional butcher with an extensive career history in small and large-scale retail (Morrison’s, Asda & Marks and Spencer’s or as we independents call them 'the dark side') and Abbe developed a career in business support and enterprise.


Disillusioned with their respective careers they decided to take a leap of faith and began in earnest to prepare the way for what is today Home & Colonial. During this preparation time of course the recession set in, but this didn’t deter them. Oddly it had the opposite effect. Having done all the preparation and research they had never been more sure and committed to the business, equally they had never been so proud to be associated with some of Wales’s finest producers and products.


Both Stuart & Abbe fell in love with Porthcawl and all it has to offer and decided to place their business here so they could employ local people and help the area grow.  Over half a decade on they have developed an amazing team of people, some of the most wonderful customers, a variety of Awards and accolades and a great deal of support and interest.


But to really get a feel of the traditional values the shop holds you really have to visit the Aladdin's cave of food - that has become Home & Colonial Fine Foods.

Stuart & Abbe Vaughan

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